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Our professional staff can help for cleaning your home and office.

We offer a range of cleaning services. Not only do we clean carpets and walls, we also clean rugs, whether they’re in shaggy, printed or hallway styles. People sometimes underestimate the amount of dirt that can be collected in rugs and the health implications. At our company, we always set hygiene at the highest standard, providing efficient services.

Ten years of experience. Impeccable professional cleaning staff. The reputation of the best cleaning company in London. This is what Cleaning Services stands for! Thousands of domestic and office clients have trusted us to take care of their home and business environment, ranging from small flats in the suburbs to the largest skyscrapers of the City.

Cleaning is what we do the best! We let our results speak for themselves, maintaining the highest standards and offering the best prices you can find in London. Always ready to help our friendly cleaning experts will answer any question you might have for our procedures.

Carpet cleaning
The centrepiece of our cleaning activity. We have extensive experience in dealing with the most common factors, damaging your carpets. Our carpet cleaning professionals apply the latest innovations in the field and use only the best detergents to make sure your carpets are brought back to life.

Domestic cleaning
We have found the perfect balance between quality and price. A full-range package of services that covers all sanitary and hygienic requirements of your home. We pay special attention to health and environmental issues, using as little chemicals as possible.


Floors and Floor Coverings


Carpet Cleaning

  • Fitted carpets cleaned on site

  • Stain removal treatment

  • Carpets dry immediately after cleaning

  • All furniture moved and moved back

  • Trained and experienced staff

  • Fully insured

  • Areas tested prior to cleaning for safety

Further detail

All work is tested prior to cleaning, we will not proceed if we feel unable to provide a satisfactory service. All cleaning staff are trained and experienced. The carpets are dry cleaned and therefore ready for immediate use. Our cleaners move all furniture where possible before and after cleaning.We ask clients to move any breakable items prior to cleaning. All marks and stains are treated by hand some of which may not come out.

All areas are tested prior to cleaning and if we were to feel unable to continue safely we would pack up and leave at no charge. Our cleanershave been trained to National Carpet Cleaners Association standard. All products used conform to British Safety Standards.

The benefits to your carpets are that they will look and smell better after cleaning. The cleaning takes out damaging dust dirt and grit which can erode the carpet and therefore can increase the carpets' lifespan. The cleaning process destroys bacteria and dust mites living in the carpets and therefore makes the carpets more hygienic after cleaning.

Rug Cleaning

  • Antique Rugs cleaned.

  • Persian, Oriental, African and Turkish and rugs cleaned.

  • All work completed on site.

  • All rugs Dry cleaned for safety and to guarantee no shrinkage.

  • All work carried out within one day.

  • Rugs ready for immediate use.

Further detail

We undertake all types of rug cleaning including exotic and antique rugs. All rugs are tested prior to cleaning for safety; If we feel unable to continue safely we pack up and leave with no call-out charge. All rugs are dry cleaned only to ensure no damage to rug via water damage and/or shrinkage. Rugs are ready for immediate use after cleaning.

Wooden Floor Treatment

  • All wooden floors cleaned and polished.

  • We Move all Furniture.

  • Vacuum the wooden floor.

  • Clean the floor treating certain stained areas.

  • Polish the floor.

  • Move furniture back.

  • All work completed within one day (unless otherwise stated).

Further detail

All floors are inspected prior to cleaning to ensure that we have the right products for the job. And to ensure that we feel confident of a good quality finish. Our cleaners make every effort to
ensure that the floors are prepared properly before starting work. Any scratches or scuffs in the floor are treated by hand to ensure the best results possible. Some floors need to be left for an hour or two after cleaning before being walked upon or before the furniture is put back into place. Our cleaning staff will advise.

Natural Fibre Floor Cleaning

  • Seagrass/Coir/Sisal/Jute carpets cleaned.

  • Dry cleaning (can not be wet cleaned).

  • We move furniture.

  • Move furniture back.

  • Spot treatment of all/any stains.

Further details

We vacuum the carpets to get rid of loose dust and dirt. We move all furniture and vacuum behind sofas etc. Our cleaners then distribute a compound over the carpet which is brushed into the carpet with use of an electric brushing machine. The compound then bonds with the dirt held in the carpet which we then vacuum up from the carpet leaving carpets clean. This process is repeated in case of dirtier carpets for optimum results. Every effort is made to treat stains which we do by hand however some stains may not come out. After cleaning we move furniture back into place.

Cleaning Services

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domestic cleaning services house cleaning services initial cleaning services iss cleaning services
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