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Cleaning Services


Our professional staff can help for cleaning your home and office.

We offer a range of cleaning services. Not only do we clean carpets and walls, we also clean rugs, whether they’re in shaggy, printed or hallway styles. People sometimes underestimate the amount of dirt that can be collected in rugs and the health implications. At our company, we always set hygiene at the highest standard, providing efficient services.

Ten years of experience. Impeccable professional cleaning staff. The reputation of the best cleaning company in London. This is what Cleaning Services stands for! Thousands of domestic and office clients have trusted us to take care of their home and business environment, ranging from small flats in the suburbs to the largest skyscrapers of the City.

Cleaning is what we do the best! We let our results speak for themselves, maintaining the highest standards and offering the best prices you can find in London. Always ready to help our friendly cleaning experts will answer any question you might have for our procedures.

Carpet cleaning
The centrepiece of our cleaning activity. We have extensive experience in dealing with the most common factors, damaging your carpets. Our carpet cleaning professionals apply the latest innovations in the field and use only the best detergents to make sure your carpets are brought back to life.

Domestic cleaning
We have found the perfect balance between quality and price. A full-range package of services that covers all sanitary and hygienic requirements of your home. We pay special attention to health and environmental issues, using as little chemicals as possible.


Upholstery and Curtains

Upholstery Cleaning

Further details

Our operatives will test all upholstery prior to cleaning. Should we feel unable to
clean safely and effectively we would not carry-out the work. There is no call out
charge if this is the case.

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We vacuum the upholstery thoroughly before cleaning to get rid of any loose dust
and/or dirt. We then dry clean the upholstery using towels brushes and relevant
cleaning chemicals, compounds etc. The upholstery is cleaned evenly all over
and we pay particular attention to all/any areas of heavy wear.

The work would take approximately 1 hours/sofa to clean and the
upholstery is almost completely dry upon completion.


Curtain Cleaning

  • Curtains dry cleaned while hanging

  • Ready for immediate use

  • Linings cleaned

  • Railings cleaned

  • Pelmets and tie backs cleaned

  • Our rates typically 40% cheaper than high street dry cleaners

  • No inconvenience of taking down and re hanging

  • No inconvenience of being without curtains

Further details

The curtains can be cleaned in situ within a few hours. All curtains are dry cleaned by hand with towels, brushes, cleaning solutions and by vacuuming. The by hand dry cleaning service is totally effective and the curtains are ready for immediate use. Further we guarantee no shrinkage. All fabrics are tested prior to cleaning and if we anticipate problems we would pack up and leave at no cost to you. All staff are trained and experienced.


Cleaning Services

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Efficient cleaning services since 1999. Go cleaner and greener with The Cleaning Services Company.

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